2017 Lincoln County Fair Entry Process

2017 Fair Entry Process

  1. The 2017 Fair Exhibitor’s Handbook is available online at the Lincoln County Fair website (lincolncofair.com) by clicking on the Exhibitor tab. The handbook is in PDF format and can be printed off entirely or just the sections you are interested in.  The handbook is available to view at the UW-Extension Office and T. B. Scott Library.  Each 4-H Club Leader will receive a copy.   Each year, as with every handbook, there are always changes to the departments, general information, judging times, etc.  Please be sure to review these sections to keep current on what’s happening at the fair this year.
  2. Fair entries should be done online. Go to www.lincolncofair.com and click on the Exhibitors tab and then Entries.  Deadline for entering is June 15, 2107, until midnight online or postmarked.   Please note: If you have completed your online fair entry properly, you will receive two emails—one indicating that you have an account followed by a second one that lists all of the entries you have made.  Please be sure to double check this second email and keep for your records. If you do not receive this second email, you have not completed the entry process properly and need to go back into your account to complete the entry process.  In most cases, you have not completed the final step where you agree to abide by the fair rules and hit submit.
  3. If you need to do a paper entry form, they are available at the UW-Extension Office. You will need to make a copy of the entry form before submitting.  You will not get a copy back with your entry tags.  For more information on filling out the entry form, please refer to the Exhibitor Handbook, “Directions for Filling Out an Entry Form”.
  4. New in 2017, entry fees: 1-25 entries are free; 26-35 entries are $5; 36 and over are an additional $1 fee for each entry. For example: 24 entries are free; 30 entries are $5; 35 entries are $5; 40 entries are $10.  You are responsible to pay for the number of entries you enter even if you do not bring them to the fair.
  5. All fees need to be mailed to the Lincoln County Fair office at P O Box 921, Merrill, WI 54452.  Checks should be made payable to the “Lincoln County Fair Association”.  No credit/debit cards.  Exhibitor tags will not be given out if the fees are not paid.  The UW-Extension office cannot and will not accept any fees.  Any paper entries should also be mailed to the Lincoln County Fair office along with any applicable fees.

If you have questions on the entry process or any questions on the handbook, please contact Cindi Christiansen at (715)218-7649.  The Lincoln County Fair thanks you for your continued support and looks forward to a great Fair for all!

Submitted by Cindi Christiansen, Lincoln County Fair Association