Dairy Project

 The purpose of the dairy project is to be a learning experience while having fun and promoting dairy to the community.  Focus is on the young peole and the skills they are gaining from their project experience, not the animals themselves.

The Junior Dairy Committee composed of seven youth who work with their adult advisor to provide leadership for educational opportunities for youth involved in the dairy project in Lincoln County.  Membership for this committee is elected at the fall meeting.

Dairy Project Guidelines as of August 19 2014

The Jr. Dairy Committee will be holding this year’s Dairy Exhibitor meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 6th in the Lower Level Conference Room at the Lincoln County Service Center (801 N. Sales Street in Merrill).  If you participated in this year’s Dairy Show at the Lincoln County Fair and/or plan to in the future, please make every effort to attend this important meeting and consider serving on the Jr. Dairy Committee.  Members of the committee work together as a team to provide leadership for dairy educational opportunities offered and the Dairy Show at the Lincoln County Fair.

August Review Meeting Notice

Adult Advisor for Jr Dairy Interest Form



State 4-H Dairy Project Information –  This website contains information about state dairy opportunities and other helpful resources.

Resources from K-State on youth animal safety for beef, sheep, swine, dairy, horse and goat at http://ylsp.bae.ksu.edu/