Activity Leader

Activity Leaders help members carry out specific activities the club has included in its program for the year. These may be field trips, community service projects, fund raisers, or social events. To begin the planning process, an activity leader should help members form a committee and agree on the goals of the activity. Is the activity being conducted for fun, to learn a new skill, to develop cooperation among 4-H families, to raise funds for club activities, or to assist a charitable cause? When the committee is clear on the goals of the activity, it’s easier to plan the activity and determine if the event was successful. It is not the activity leader’s responsibility to plan the activity, but rather to guide the members as they plan and conduct these experiences. Tasks that youth may need help with include planning, gathering information, obtaining resources, assigning responsibilities, promoting the activity, overseeing people and tasks, managing risk, and evaluating.

Activity Leader position description

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Thank you for volunteering to serve as a 4-H Activity Leader. We have tried to include resources on this page to help you in this important leadership role. If you have additional items you would like to see posted here or that you need, please contact Debbie or Amanda at 715-539-1072.