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Storm/Flood Recovery

Resources for Lawns, Landscapes and Gardens:

 As spring arrives, we wanted to make you aware that Extension has numerous bulletins pertaining to lawns, landscapes, and gardens.  Check out the Learning Store web site for a listing:  or visit us at the Lincoln County UW-Extension located on the Lower Level of the Lincoln County Service Center at 801 N. Sales Street in Merrill.  We will be happy to assist you in locating resources to meet your needs.  Here are a few that may be particularly useful:

  • Calibrating and Using Lawn Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders (A2306)
  • Choosing the Right Landscape Plants: Factors to Consider (A3864)
  • Do-It-Yourself Alternative Lawn Care (A3964)
  • Evergreens Planting and Care (A1370)
  • Growing and Using Annuals and Bulbs (NCR399)
  • Guide to Selecting Landscape Plants for Wisconsin (A2865)
  • Landscape Plants that Attract Birds (G1609)
  • Lawn Aeration and Topdressing (A3710)
  • Lawn Establishment and Renovation (A3434)
  • Lawn Fertilization (A2303)
  • Lawn Maintenance (A3435)
  • Lawn Weed Prevention and Control (A1990)
  • Mulches for Home Gardens and Plantings (A3383)
  • Organic and Reduced-Risk Lawn Care (A3958)
  • Planning and Designing Your Home Landscape (G1923)
  • Sampling Garden Soils and Turf Areas for Testing (A2166)
  • Selecting Woody Landscape Plants for Fall Color: An Illustrated Guide (A3837)
  • Selecting, Planting, and Caring for Your Shade Trees (A3067)
  • Tree and Shrub Fertilization (A2308)
  • Watering Your Lawn (A3950)
  • Yard Care Series (GWQ)

Local Resources for help and for those who wish to help:

Updated Resource List as of 6/12:

Merrill Chamber of Commerce Foundation – – The Merrill Chamber of Commerce Foundation announced that they still have tornado relief funds available for familites that have out-of-pocket expenses for rebuiliding costs not covered by their homeowner insurance.    A new funding category has also been added that allows for assistance with landscaping items such as black dirt, gravel, grass seed, and trees.  This category of funds has been capped at a maximum of $500 per household. 

To quality for tornado relief assistance, families must complete the foundation’s application and attach bids or invoices for the  assistance requested.   The foundation will only consider applicants for items/work that has not been covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Funding categories include: construction costs, household mechanicals, stump removal, and landscaping.  All categories have funding limitations and must quality as “unmet” needs; meaning not funded or covered by other sources such as insurance or other relief funds.

The Merrill Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that administers numerous community-based funds.  To date their tornado relief fund has disbursed more than $160,000 to Merrill area residents that were affected by the April 10, 2011 tornado.

To apply for assistance or to make a donation, contact the Merrill Area Chamber of Commerce at 705 N Center Avenue, Merrill WI 54452 or via telephone at 715-536-9474 or visit their website at

Merrill Area United Way — The Merrill Area United Way responded to the 2011 Tornado with the establishment of a fund to garner dollars to help everyone affected by the devastating tornado. Recently a community wide Tornado Recovery Celebration was held one year after the tornado struck Merrill.  The celebration was designed to acknowledge the progress made in recovery as well as give thanks to the many people, organizations and businesses that helped with the recovery efforts.

United Way realizes, however, tht not everyone is “whole” or recovered.  The Storm Match Fund established to help with the disaster relief still has dollars available to assist people.  As responsible stewards of the funds provided, the Merrill Area United Way Board of Directors has asked that those who experienced loss due to the tornado should contact one of the designated response agencies affiliate with United Way.  We especailly want to hear from families who have not received any assistance to submit requests for assistance before October 1, 2012.  The agencies are:

  • St. Vincent De Paul Outreach at 715-539-2666
  •  North Central Community Action Program at  715-536-9581  
  •  Merrill Community Food Pantry at 715-536-4505 
  •  Salvation Army at 715-539-2666

It is the intention of the United Way Board to respect the desires of the people who donated to the Storm Match fund and use the funds to assit those who experienced loss.  If people know someone who has not yet sought help, please encouarge them to seek assistance by contacting an agency.

Additonal Resources:

  • This  fact sheet regarding Tornado Clean-up which includes informaton on safety during clean-up, well water and septic systems, how to handle house and property debris, mold in your home, and building permits has been compiled by DNR.
  • Land Use Permit for Storm Damage Information
  • Town of Merrill
  • St Vincent dePaul Thrift Store is a resource for clothing, housewares, linens, shoes, etc. All items given free to storm damage related households. Contact Cathy Robinson for an appointment to determine needs (715-539-1131) or Sue Norenberg at our Outreach Office (715-539-2666)
  • Volunteers and Homeowners in need of Volunteers – please contact Ron Kautz at (715) 218-0103
  • The Merrill Area Enrichment Center has beautiful quilts available to those who suffered a loss in the April 10th storm.  Quilts Available
  • Temporary assistance…a community gift. No matter what the need is.  There are over 900 people on the Merrill Tornado Facebook page and many, if not most, are offering their help!  Please email or post your need to the facebook page at

 The Lincoln County UW-Extension Staff have created a resource booklet from several sources  to assist individuals and families impacted by storm damage.  Resources include items for post-tornado damage, post-flooding damage including home flooding caused by power outages and long-term disaster recovery.  A hard copy of this booklet is available at the UW-Extension office located on the Lower Level of the Lincoln County Service Center at 801 N. Sales Street in Merrill.

Booklet in PDF printable form.  You may chose to print by sections or by topics within sections:

Cover Sheet (updated 4/21/11)

Attention to Homeowners Affected by the April 10 Tornado

Table of Contents (updated 4/21/11)

General Disaster Information (updated 4/22/11) – this is a pdf file of this entire section – including the following items that can be printed individually:

Tornado Resources – this is a pdf file of this entire section – including the following items that can be printed individually:

Flood Resources (updated 4/21/11) – this is a pdf file of this entire section – including the following items that can be printed individually:

Long Term Disaster Resources (updated 4/21/11)  – this is a pdf file of this entire section – including the following items that can be printed individually:

If you can think of other information that would be helpful to you please leave a comment below and we will be happy to research provide the resources for you.

 The items included in this resource booklet are from the following sources and include additional information:

  Additional Resources:

  Resources available from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services:

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has put together a guidance document for commercial produce growers, packers and processors on dealing with flooded crops on commercial fields.  Produce from flooded areas: Considerations for growers, packing houses, and processors & DATCP Homepage

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