Trips and Awards, Ambassadors, Scholarship and Camp Counselor Application Due

The Older Youth Resumes will be due November 1.  We chose to reduce the number of applications youth must prepare and submit throughout the year in hopes that we will get higher quality applications and more young people will apply!  We went to a resume (with cover letter) process to provide our 4-Hers with this experience and help them stand out in a crowd of applicants as they prepare for the work world.  We also believe the resume will be easier for 4-H’ers to keep up to date as they can add to their resume each year and continue to submit that updated resume each year.  It will also serve as a list of leadership experiences for youth to use in application and scholarships.

Interested?  Please see for resume instructions for these applications.  Eligible youth will be sent paper copy of the Resume packet closer to the application deadline.